Welcome to the Southside Flyin’ Fish! We are happy to have you and your swimmer. Below you will find everything you need to know about the 2020 season. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns over the course of the season please contact Head Coaches Tara Hardin and Hallie Horne.


Practice Schedule
- First day of practice Monday, June 15th

- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 10:30am – 11:30am

- Please print out, fill out and have paperwork and payment ready to turn in when you walk in the door June 15th or your childs first practice.

- Location: Southside Swim Club 2815 Mackey Lane, Shreveport, LA 71118





Meet Schedule

TBD-Weekly meets on 3 Wednesdays in July with the city meet the following week. 


Meet Attendance
It is highly recommended that all swimmers participate in as many meets as possible in order to see weekly progress. All swimmers will be entered in every meet doing freestyle and backstroke, and then any other stroke by ability. If you cannot attend a meet, please contact a Coach or sign the “I will not be attending sheet” that will be available everyday during practice times.


Please note: a relay of 4 swimmers may be cancelled if one swimmer on that relay does not show up. To avoid this, please communicate with the Coaches ahead of time that your swimmer will not be able to attend a particular meet.


In order to participate in the Summer League Championship Meet, also known as City Meet, your swimmer must participate in at least 2 regular meets over the course of the season.


Registration Fees

- $150.00 per swimmer ($25.00 sibling discount)

- $50.00 per year around swimmer

***Cash or Checks accepted, made out to Hallie Horne***



Suits and Equipment

- Girls: Solid black or solid black with yellow stripe, one-piece suit

- Boys: Solid black or solid black with yellow stripe, jammer

- Team Caps - $15.00 to be purchased from one of the coaches. All swimmers must wear team caps at meets.

- Goggles – All swimmers must wear goggles at practice and meets. Since swimmers will be practicing outside, mirrored goggles are highly recommended. Coach Hallie has some available for purchase.  Speedo Vanquishers mirrored $20


Suits and goggles must be purchased on your own. Any brand is acceptable, however Speedo and TYR are recommended. Please remember that all suits must be solid black or solid black with a yellow stripe!


**It is highly recommended that all participating swimmers verify suit sizes with one of the Coaches before placing your order!


Please attempt to purchase suits and equipment as soon as possible to ensure that your swimmer is ready for the first day of practice Monday, June 15th!


T-Shirt and Tank Orders
Team t-shirts and tanks are available for purchase! Please fill out and turn in an apparel order form with included payment to Coach Hallie as soon as possible. The deadline for turning in your order is Friday, June 19th.


Contact the Coaches

- Coach Hallie Horne– coachhswim@gmail.com / (318) 936-3459

- Coach Tara Hardin– coachtjswim@gmail.com / (318) 617-0303



1) What should I bring to meets?

– Lawn chairs, sunscreen, sunglasses, snacks, money for concessions and heat sheets.

2) Are team caps required?

- All swimmers must wear team caps at meets. At practice, swimmers may use any other cap owned. Boys with short hair may choose not to wear a cap at practice only.

3) Will there be several order placements for team apparel?

- No! Team apparel will only be ordered once! Please ensure all apparel order forms are turned in by Friday, June 19th.

4) What should my swimmer bring to practice?

- A suit to swim in, a towel, a swim cap, a pair of goggles, and a water bottle.

5) Can I find a suit and goggles in stores nearby?

- Yes, you can find swim gear at Academy and Dicks Sporting Goods! Any brand is acceptable, however Speedo & TYR suits and mirrored goggles are recommended. Suits must be solid black or solid black with a yellow stripe. One-piece suits are required for girls.

6) What should I do if I cannot attend a meet?

- Please sign the “I will not be attending sheet” available everyday during practice times or contact one of the Coaches as soon as possible.

































2815 Mackey Lane

Shreveport, LA 71118



Tel: 318-617-0303


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